Plate Freezers
Plate Freezers

The Plate Freezer: A Proven Performer

WESCOLD provides Plate freezers which exceed the food industry's high standards for production and performance.

You can select a Plate freezer which meets your production requirements and your available space.

Each Plate freezer is a modular unit. It can be connected to your existing refrigeration system or supplied with its own. It is easily adapted to any type of refrigerant and can be matched to meet your present and future production requirements.

Quality In, Quality Out

Plate freezers have always been dependable performers in the frozen food industry. They provide reliable, high hourly production and low labor costs. Plate freezers require less floor space and less supervision, which can reduce plant operating costs.

Plate freezing is a fast, economical method of freezing a wide variety of food products: seafood, fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry, meats, precooked microwave dishes and meals. The natural appearance and quality of your product is protected: no discoloration, no dehydration, no loss of weight. Because it is a fast freezing process, cell structure cannot break down. Packages come out flat and uniform. They look good, handle easily and pack properly.

Engineered For Endurance

WESCOLD can supply any length up to 100 inches. Three widths are standard: 25 inches, 49 inches and 60 inches and custom widths are available on request.

The galvanized steel frame, stainless steel fasteners and stainless steel wire braided hoses assure that your Plate freezer will last for years even under severe conditions and continuous daily production.

The hydraulic system is designed for maximum performance, with chrome-plated, stainless steel, dual hydraulic rams, stainless steel hydraulic tubing and precision control valves.

The stations can be designed to allow you to freeze different products on the same run.

Easy Maintenance

Clean-up is simple and fast. You can hose down or hot gas the entire unit in less than 10 minutes! Your Plate freezer is then ready for immediate production.

All working parts are easily accessible. Routine maintenance can be done quickly.

The positioning of all controls, spacer blocks and hoses will please your maintenance crew.

Performance That Works

Production levels will vary depending upon the conditions, temperature, thickness and density of the incoming product. The type of packaging or wrapping and the output temperature will also influence hourly production volumes.

Every freezer is factory-tested and adjusted for all operations before shipment. Once installed it is backed by a One-Year Limited Warranty.

Mission Accomplished!

We know that some customers do not want an "off-the-shelf" unit. Therefore, the Plate freezers that we supply can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you select a standard Plate freezer or order a custom unit, your new Plate freezer can be your best equipment investment!