The Concept of the PORT-A-CHILLER®

Extensive research and engineering techniques have enabled WESCOLD to build an enviable reputation for PORT-A-CHILLERS which exceed the food industry's high standards for production and performance.

Port-A-Chiller ready for a lid

You can select a PORT-A-CHILLER which meets your production requirements. Click here to access information on the standard sizes that we manufacture. Please call us to discuss your requirements, custom configurations and sizes are also available.

Each PORT A-CHILLER is a modular unit. It can be connected to your existing refrigeration system or supplied with its own. It is easily adapted to any type of refrigerant and can be matched to meet your present and future production requirements.

Quality In, Quality Out

PORT-A-CHILLERS have always been dependable performers in the food industry. They provide reliable, high hourly production and low labor costs. WESCOLD-PORT-A-CHILLERS require less space and less supervision, which can reduce operating costs.

The WESCOLD PORT-A-CHILLER is a fast, economical method of chilling a wide variety of food products: seafood, fruits and vegetables. The natural appearance and quality of your product is protected: no discoloration, no dehydration, no loss of weight.

Engineered For Endurance

The complete hot-dip galvanized chiller, stainless steel or copper distributor tubes, special design compression water seals and leak-proof refrigerant connections assure that your WESCOLD PORT-A-CHILLER will last for years even under severe conditions and continuous daily operation.

Easy Maintenance

Clean-up is simple. Just remove the front cover and hose down the entire unit. Reinstall the cover and you're ready for immediate chilling.

Performance That Works

Production levels will vary depending upon the conditions, temperature and density of the incoming product. The PORT-A-CHILLER has been designed and tested by WESCOLD Engineers to equal or surpass comparable chillers in North America.

Every chiller is factory-tested before shipment. Once installed it is backed by WESCOLD's One Year Limited Warranty.

Mission Accomplished!

One of WESCOLD's major goals has been to design and build a rugged, dependable chiller which provides quality performance at a minimum price. The PORT-A-CHILLER Series includes all of the design improvements and engineering refinements which our company has developed over 75 years. Now being manufactured at our facility at IMS in Port Townsend Washington.